Artists in Residence: R | J | B | J

Jessica Jobaris & Ariel Burke


Artists in Residence: Jessica Jobaris & Ariel Burke   R | J | B | J 
 Artistic collaborators Ariel Burke and Jessica Jobaris have been working together since 2012. From 2014-2017 they collaborated under Jessica's dance-theatre company General Magic. They ventured to create collaboration duo (R | J | B | J ) exploring their affinity for tiny disasters and "the unknowns/wtf's" they encounter on the daily. Their research examines what we think we know, and what we know we do not know, entering the affect and effect of uncertainty for their audiences and for themselves as performers.

We will be using this 10º residency for further research and development of our work-in-progress duet (Untitled). We're asking "when is the moment open to duration and when is it defined by time?" We navigate roles of conscious/unconscious female identity,  disaster preparedness or lack thereof, through rhythmic unison choreography, incessant counting, and amplifying confusion using the techniques of Dada, buffoonery, and attempted telepathy. Separated by parallel universes, we can sense one another, but we cannot connect. Or can we? 

Jessica Jobaris (she/her/JJo) Jessica Jobaris, a Seattle-based choreographer, performer, and instructor, has been exploring movement and awareness for 20+ years.  In the US, she performed with Mark Haim, KT Niehoff, Maureen Whiting, Scott/Powell Performance, and Carr Mixed Media in NYC. In Germany, she worked for Jess Curtis/Maria Scaroni, Felix Ruckert, Kirsten Burger, and for German MTV.  She holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, and has taught at  Dock 11 (Berlin, Germany), University of Utah, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Pacific University, and Velocity Dance Center (Seattle,WA). Jessica was Co-Artistic Director of CorpusCorpus Movement Association, a multi-media performance art company, funded by city, state and corporate sponsors (2004-2009). She was the movement director for Engaged Theater through Freehold, under the direction of Robin Lynn Smith (2008-2015).  In 2011, she launched Jessica Jobaris & General Magic, a dance-theatre, multi-media company, intersecting catastrophe and comedy.  Her work has been seen on stages large and small, throughout the U.S. and in Canada. He latest evening-length work, A Great Hunger, was commissioned by On the Boards, in Seattle, WA. Her newest project "Orphans, Thieves and other Unlived Lives" will premier in Seattle at Base Experimental Arts & Space November 2019.

Ariel Burke (she/her/REL), is a Seattle based performer weaving in, out and around acting, movement, improv, writing and music. She has performed for Gender Tender/Syniva Whitney, General Magic, Theater of Change-University of Washington, Engaged Theater and has had artist residencies at Studio Current and Shoutpouch Creek. She is a recurring character and producer for a new web series, Heavy Love, created/directed/produced by local artist Stephen Anunson; and founding member and frontwoman/screamer for a local post-punk band, Rachaels Children.

Photo Credit/yellow pants: Catlyn Griswell Photo credit/faces & Wigs: Stephen Anunson