Artist In Residence: Daniel Costa


Interposition: Movement II by Daniel Costa in collaboration with his dancers will perform at BOOST Dance Festival March 23rd - 25th, 2018. The work is a deeply convicting piece that calls its audience to introspect and examine their own embrace of the Self. Dancers represent different components of the Self for lead performer, Alicia Pugh, as she sings live, original songs in order to combat past traumas for healing purposes. The work utilizes a vigorous dance practice, classical training and a contemporary approach to aesthetic and choreographic design. 

Daniel Costa, originally from New Jersey, moved to Seattle, Washington in 2015. Costa is a choreographer, performer and educator who seeks to strip away shame and access vulnerability by channeling athleticism, artistry, and healing through dance. He teaches classes at Velocity Dance Center and Fremont Abbey Arts Center, and choreographs, directs and performs for his company, Daniel Costa Dance (DCD). His recent choreographic project, Interposition: Movement II, has received partial support from 4Culture and the Seattle International Dance Festival’s James Ray Residency Project. As a performer, Costa has worked with Chamber Dance Company, Madboots Dance, Stephanie Liapis, The Three Yells, Wade Madsen, Cherdonna Shinatra, and has performed works by Crystal Pite, Kate Weare, Shen Wei, Larry Keigwin, and Manuel Vignoulle, among others. Costa holds a BFA in dance from Rutgers University. For more information about Daniel Costa Dance see