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DanceChat is a free facilitated conversation that happens every 6-8 weeks where the public is invited to discuss the dance they’ve seen in the past month, with the aim to encourage and cultivate discourse about dance in Seattle. Choreographers who presented work are also invited to attend so they may talk candidly about their work and get feedback. Discussions have ranged from inspiration and process, to heated debates about censorship and framing, to history lessons from veteran Seattle artists. This event has given the dance community a public forum in which to discuss ongoing issues and dialogue face-to-face, lending more nuance to the discourse than is often found in online forums and social media. It’s also allowed representatives from different dance communities in Seattle a chance to be in the same space together and learn about the other performances happening in the area.

Join us for the next DanceCHAT on Tuesday, June 19!

DanceCHAT 4/18 recap
Our most recent DanceCHAT was a dynamic discussion, facilitated by choreographer Ella Mahler, which focused on the meaning within work, as well as how meaning can shift from the beginning of a process to the final performance. Included in the conversation were guest choreographers who recently showed their work, including Jade Solomon Curtis, Heather Kravas, and CarliAnn Forthun. Also in attendance were several local artists, including Hatlo and ilvs strauss.

SeattleDances’ mission is to create opportunities to watch, learn, ponder, and discuss issues relevant to dance in the Seattle area. We strive to track the pulse of the Seattle dance scene, support local artists, and act as a comprehensive resource to the dance community through publishing exclusive previews, engaging editorials, timely reviews, and updating our community call board and events calendar.

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