Artist in Residence: Salthorse

Corrie Befort and Beth Graczyk

Performance Premiere
Triskelion Arts | Sept 29 + Oct 1, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
Invited Rehearsal
10 degrees | August 30, 2016
Seattle, WA

The longstanding creative duo Corrie Befort and Beth Graczyk  (founding members of Salt Horse) are developing a new evening-length work called Rose Blue, a cycling mosaic of lived memories, extrapolated fantasies and appropriated scenes.

Drawing upon their shared history of 15 years, both as friends and artistic collaborators, B&G craft the work by pressing different memories against each other, real and imagined, past and future, generated and found. Modulated into discrete frames of time, these intense or every-day moments are seamlessly spliced together creating juxtapositions that can swing from tragic to comic in an instant.  Sound artist Jason Anderson live-mixes original recordings, Foley and layered textures to sonically illuminate the action.

Some of Befort & Graczyk’s shared memories that appear in Rose Blue include being present at the birth of friend’s child, the loss of a parent, moving to a foreign country and divorce. 

Appropriated texts and scenes from Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me and Williams/Kazan’s A Street Car Named Desire are re-imagined and embedded inside the context of Befort & Graczyk’s real memories.  The selected scenes all have a distinctive physical element wherein the communication of the body directly influences the narrative trajectory. However, it isn’t so specifically the appropriated scenes that are the focus, but rather the transitions betweenthe appropriated and the real.  For instance, the embodiment of overexposed carnal desire with a foreseeable tragic trajectory (A Street Car Named Desire) transforms into that carnal body becoming the dead parent inside a body bag, with whom the loved one sits and endlessly waits with loud sound of a faucet dripping.  

Collaborating since 2005 both within and beyond Salt Horse, Befort & Graczyk are currently in the process of re-imagining the parameters and direction of their work together.  Operating bi-coastally since Graczyk relocated to New York fall 2014, they are inventing and engaging in score-based methods that challenge, refine and build upon their prior work together.