Two Headed Calf at The Pocket Theater

February 18 + 25 | 7:00 PM
The Pocket Theater

"Two Headed Calf" is an original story of generosity and gentleness, told through live music, dance and shadow puppets. A feast for your ears, eyes and heart, created by a collaborative team interested in spreading good will. 

Keith White and Calie Swedberg are best friends. Keith writes nice songs. Calie holds things gently. Being kind is one of their mutual interests. Their first collaboration, Receive a Kindness, was performed in July of 2015 as a part of the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Festival. That project will continue to live as the spine of an ever-growing body of work. 

Chantael Duke
Andrew Van Kempen
Alexis Modula
Loren Othon
Jessica Jones
Lauren Brazell

This project is funded in part by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and made possible by a creative residency at 10 degrees thanks to KT Niehoff.