A walk towards the sun...the moon...and the stars... Alia Swersky in Residence

Alia Swersky is at 10degrees working on a solo, a performance designed for a single audience member, A walk towards the sun...the moon...and the stars... 

Perfection and humanity, intimacy, existential inquiries, minimal movement, a magnified and intensified shared space, having a drink together, silence and cathartic music, a mirror with eyes closed, interactive questions to get into the core of who we are and the many ways to see and be seen...

A walk towards the sun...the moon...and the stars is the third inception of Alia's work with these ideas. It was first performed in 2012 at Velocity's Big Bang and then at the flower shop Fleurish in 2013 as part of KT Niehoff's Collision Theory

8PM, 8:30PM, 9PM, 9:30PM
Tuesday May 26
Tuesday June 2
Tuesday June 9
Tuesday June 30

At this time all slots are filled. 
If you are interested in learning more about this project or are interested in being an audience member, please contact Alia at aliaswersky@gmail.com.