L I M I T S | Jason E Anderson + Corrie Befort

LIMITS : A virtual hallway, the displacement of a techno club, a doubling, a briefcase,
a permeable membrane

LIMITS is a Seattle-based performance art/music hybrid collaboration by sound artist/musician/designer Jason E Anderson and choreographer/set-costume designer/dancer Corrie Befort. LIMITS investigates the intersection of conceptual, abstract, and narrative methodologies generated through interactive performances, installations, films and records.

Upcoming Performances

March 25 @9PM | Kremwerk | $5
Debacle Records is pleased to bring you a stellar line up of the northwest's best experimental musicians + performance/art/sound/dance hybrid

Matt Carlson - PDX
LIMITS - Corrie Befort + Jason E Anderson
Garek Jon Druss 

Past Performances
Limits #003
Feb 28 | S1 Portland

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