"Who's Afraid of Deborah Hay?" in residence at 10d

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Seattle-based dance artists Shannon Stewart and Mary Margaret Moore are currently in 10d working towards an April 5 & 6 opening of "Who's Afraid of Deborah Hay?". Here's more from Shannon about what they've been up to:

After more than a year of wrestling with the practice and adaptation of the solo I learned from Deborah Hay, I decided to move forward with a performance, collaborating with Mary Margaret Moore. 10degrees is granting us space to use for the run-up to the show, which demands a daily practice of our solos.

In this time, we are also deconstructing, layering, intervening, and echoing our solos. 10degrees is acting as a petri dish for us to do experiments within. It is safe, contained, and private enough to be truly exploratory. It is beautiful and sparse enough to let the work have it’s own distinct voice and life.