Artist in Residence: Paige Barnes with Mya Kerner


a mountain’s pulse is an interdisciplinary project directed by Paige Barnes in collaboration with visual artist Mya Kerner that illuminates the connection between body and earth, linking the story of a person's pulse with that of a mountain. The project continues Paige’s dance research, which combines the acupuncture pulse listening method and Mya’s explorations of the landscape. 

While studying Chinese medicine at Bastyr University, pulse listening inspired Paige to develop a new dance practice. In 2017, she began explorations on the intersection of pulse and art during an Olympic Sculpture Park residency. Paige aims to develop this practice by incorporating digital media and sculpture through a series of residencies and performances over the next two years, each focusing on a different aspect of research. 

The first residency of the series is being held at 10degrees from July - September, 2018. There, research focuses on a collaboration between pulse, sculpture, and dance. Guests are being invited to have their radial pulses listened to. Paige responds with an improvised dance while Mya responds to her by bending wire, a metaphor of a person’s internal landscape. These wire sketches and pulse dances will serve as the raw material for a future large scale dance at the base of a fabricated mountain. 

To conclude the residency, Paige and Mya will hold a performance at 10degrees at 7pm on September 24th. This is free and open to the public. If you'd like to attend, please contact Paige to RSVP.

For more info about a mountain's pulse, follow the project on Instagram or Vimeo.

PAIGE BARNES is a movement artist and Chinese medicine practitioner. Born in Alabama, raised in St. Louis, MO, Paige moved to Washington to attend college in 1994. Her coursework in women’s studies, dance, geography and Spanish led her to Ecuador. There, she met choreographer Pablo Cornejo and began to train and perform internationally. After returning, she received a BA in Dance from the University of Washington in 1999, formed a dance company with Pablo and co-founded Open Flight Studio in 2003. Expanding her education, in 2001 Paige became a certified practitioner of the GYROTONIC® method, training under Magali Messac. After fifteen years of dance making, teaching, and performing, Paige wanted a deeper understanding of the body’s energetic and healing capabilities. In 2016 she received an MS in East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University. Now, Paige works towards merging her practices in art and energetic medicine. For more information see Paige's website:

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, MYA KERNER is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. Her work is an exploratory continuation of her family’s lineage of Eastern European foresters. In 2011, Mya received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Environmental Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. From 2012 to 2014, she worked primarily in cast iron sculpture, living nomadically, and periodically working for her family’s landscaping company. After moving to Seattle in 2015, she completed a Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University, and now maintains a small garden design business alongside her full-time studio practice. From her ancestral history, permaculture studies, and ecological concerns, Mya investigates the concept of humans as stewards of the earth. Her work oscillates between two- and three-dimensions, investigating materiality, tradition, and mythology through depictions of the landscape. For more information see Mya's website:

Artist In Residence: Shannon Stewart

 Shannon Stewart and Ellery Burton in RELATIVES. Photo by  Lauren Hind

Shannon Stewart and Ellery Burton in RELATIVES. Photo by  Lauren Hind

RELATIVES is a movement and light meditation on the (in)visibility of identities - seen, felt, heard, remembered, presented, and "repeated to form what appears a natural being." or a relative one. or two relatives. 

RELATIVES will be presented at 10 degrees on Monday, July 30th at 9 PM. 
Free for SFDI attendees, $5 suggested donation for general public

Shannon Stewart is a choreographer who was born in the south, raised in the Pacific Northwest and is currently based in New Orleans.  She works with people and bodies of all kinds to make dances for stages, films, galleries, parades, music clubs and any other places of intervention. Her work has toured and screened internationally and she has danced professionally for Deborah Hay, tEEth, zoe|juniper, Salt Horse, Dayna Hanson, and many others.

Shannon’s performative work has been presented by Definitive Figures Feminist Performance Festival, Marigny Opera House (New Orleans), IDOCDE at ImpulsTanz (Vienna), On The Boards, the Risk/Reward Festival, Velocity Dance Center, Pivot Arts (Chicago), Cowles Center (Minneapolis), Philadelphia Dance Projects and in many other venues and cities. Shannon has an MFA in  Interdisciplinary Performance from Tulane University and a BA in Urban Design from the University of Washington. She's proposed an open source method called Body Based Theory Practice and presented her research in dance symposiums in the US and Europe.

Shannon came of age in Seattle as an artist and organizer, co-founding the Vera Project, researching and writing the book for the All-ages music movement nationally, and acted as Capital Campaign and Interim Executive Director of Velocity Dance Center, raising the funds to move and establish the organization in its current home on 12th Avenue.

For more information about Shannon and her work, see her website:


Artist In Residence: Daniel Costa


Interposition: Movement II by Daniel Costa in collaboration with his dancers will perform at BOOST Dance Festival March 23rd - 25th, 2018. The work is a deeply convicting piece that calls its audience to introspect and examine their own embrace of the Self. Dancers represent different components of the Self for lead performer, Alicia Pugh, as she sings live, original songs in order to combat past traumas for healing purposes. The work utilizes a vigorous dance practice, classical training and a contemporary approach to aesthetic and choreographic design. 

Daniel Costa, originally from New Jersey, moved to Seattle, Washington in 2015. Costa is a choreographer, performer and educator who seeks to strip away shame and access vulnerability by channeling athleticism, artistry, and healing through dance. He teaches classes at Velocity Dance Center and Fremont Abbey Arts Center, and choreographs, directs and performs for his company, Daniel Costa Dance (DCD). His recent choreographic project, Interposition: Movement II, has received partial support from 4Culture and the Seattle International Dance Festival’s James Ray Residency Project. As a performer, Costa has worked with Chamber Dance Company, Madboots Dance, Stephanie Liapis, The Three Yells, Wade Madsen, Cherdonna Shinatra, and has performed works by Crystal Pite, Kate Weare, Shen Wei, Larry Keigwin, and Manuel Vignoulle, among others. Costa holds a BFA in dance from Rutgers University. For more information about Daniel Costa Dance see

Artist In Residence: Kimberly Holloway



Choreographer Kimberly Holloway is creating A Joy Conundrum a.k.a. A Walk with Mister Rogers for BOOST Dance Festival, March 23-25, 2018. A Joy Conundrum is a contemporary dance piece that wrestles with what creates joy and how happiness can facilitate connection or detachment. Set to original music by Kansas City musician, Calvin Arsenia, the choreography juxtaposes quirky, articulate movement with sweeping, free movement to examine the power of joy in our current world of upheaval and division. 

Kimberly Holloway is a Seattle dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist. In 2009 she received her BFA from Belhaven University. She has been honored to perform with artists including Michelle Miller/Catapult Dance, Shannon Stewart, Stone Dance Collective, Alana O Rogers, Maya Soto, and Kinesis Project (NYC). Her work has shown at the Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), at the Folly Theater (Kansas City), Waterfire Arts Center (Providence, RI), and in Seattle at Velocity Dance Center, Fremont Abbey, and Seattle International Dance Festival.Kimberly is the recipient of the CityArtist Project grant from the Office of Arts & Culture (2017), the Artist Project grant from Artist Life Guild (2017), Cornish Arts Incubator Residency (2017), and is an artist in residence at the Fremont Abbey.  In 2015, she co-founded Class Exchange in an effort to provide teaching opportunities for less established artists and create affordable professional level classes. She currently teaches at Velocity Dance Center, Dance Fremont, and Bainbridge Dance Center. For more information see

KimberlyHollowaysame.other.known. .jpg

SeattleDances DanceCHAT

DanceChat is a free facilitated conversation that happens every 6-8 weeks where the public is invited to discuss the dance they’ve seen in the past month, with the aim to encourage and cultivate discourse about dance in Seattle. Choreographers who presented work are also invited to attend so they may talk candidly about their work and get feedback. Discussions have ranged from inspiration and process, to heated debates about censorship and framing, to history lessons from veteran Seattle artists. This event has given the dance community a public forum in which to discuss ongoing issues and dialogue face-to-face, lending more nuance to the discourse than is often found in online forums and social media. It’s also allowed representatives from different dance communities in Seattle a chance to be in the same space together and learn about the other performances happening in the area.

Join us for the next DanceCHAT on November 7, 2017

Enjoy a recap of the September 26, DanceCHAT here on SeattleDances. Seventeen people joined for a conversation facilitated by Alice Gosti. 




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SeattleDances DanceCHAT

DanceChat is a free facilitated conversation that happens every 6-8 weeks where the public is invited to discuss the dance they’ve seen in the past month, with the aim to encourage and cultivate discourse about dance in Seattle. Choreographers who presented work are also invited to attend so they may talk candidly about their work and get feedback. Discussions have ranged from inspiration and process, to heated debates about censorship and framing, to history lessons from veteran Seattle artists. This event has given the dance community a public forum in which to discuss ongoing issues and dialogue face-to-face, lending more nuance to the discourse than is often found in online forums and social media. It’s also allowed representatives from different dance communities in Seattle a chance to be in the same space together and learn about the other performances happening in the area.

Join us for the next DanceCHAT on Tuesday, June 19!

DanceCHAT 4/18 recap
Our most recent DanceCHAT was a dynamic discussion, facilitated by choreographer Ella Mahler, which focused on the meaning within work, as well as how meaning can shift from the beginning of a process to the final performance. Included in the conversation were guest choreographers who recently showed their work, including Jade Solomon Curtis, Heather Kravas, and CarliAnn Forthun. Also in attendance were several local artists, including Hatlo and ilvs strauss.

SeattleDances’ mission is to create opportunities to watch, learn, ponder, and discuss issues relevant to dance in the Seattle area. We strive to track the pulse of the Seattle dance scene, support local artists, and act as a comprehensive resource to the dance community through publishing exclusive previews, engaging editorials, timely reviews, and updating our community call board and events calendar.

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Artist in Residence: Jody Kuehner/Cherdonna Shinatra

In Kissing Like Babies, part three of one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness, OtB audiences will explore the infantilization of the feminine, the conundrum of being, the amazing circumstance that we exist, the tie from birth to death and back again with the help of drag queen Cherdonna, a chorus of adult toddlers, and a seven piece brass marching band. Cherdonna Shinatra is a queer, fem, female, professionally trained contemporary dancer who uses dance traditions, clowning, drag, theater, comedy, performance art, camp, pop culture, feminism, absurdity, and subversive commentary to make art. 

Kissing Like Babies will premiere at On the Boards on October 12th-15th, 2017.  

Jody Kuehner is a Seattle-based dance artist, director, and drag queen Cherdonna Shinatra. She is 2015 Stranger Genius Award winner, a Henry Art Gallery 2017 Artist in Residence, Velocity Dance Center's 2014 Artist in Residence, and 2010 Spotlight Award winner. Her choreography has been presented by every major contemporary dance venue in Seattle and her current project is touring nationally. Jody received funding from the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project which supports a two-year, three-part project, one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness. Jody was Dayna Hanson’s Production Coordinator and Assistant Director 2010-2015 for various projects. She danced with Pat Graney company from 2007 - 2016 also assisting Graney’s KTF Prison Project. As Cherdonna, she performs with award-winning international sensations Kitten N’ Lou and BenDeLaCreme (RuPaul’s Drag Race). 

Strictly Seattle 2017: Dance Film Track

Students of Strictly Seattle's 2017 Frame by Frame dance film program will be in residence at 10degrees from July 10-29, 2017. 

KT Niehoff, Sebastien Scandiuzzi, B.C. Campbell + Daniel Mimura

As a part of Velocity Dance Center’s Strictly Seattle Summer Dance Intensive, this three-week workshop takes the new dance filmmaker through every step of the process as they create their own short dance film. Participants will learn the necessary preparatory elements of creating a film – sound and choreographic elements, storyboarding, location scouting, styling, and rehearsing material through the perspective of the camera’s lens. Each student will then have the opportunity to shoot their film with a professional cinematographer, learning onset vernacular and how to effectively convey their directorial vision to their cameraperson. In the final stages, students will learn basic editing skills, with a professional editor, director and composer available as mentors. Final short films will be shown at the Strictly Seattle Performances.

Adv/Pro Audition **encouraged, to find cast**
Sun July 9 // 2:30-5PM

Class Meeting Times
Mon-Fri // 2:30-5:30PM

Consultations w/Cinematographer + Composer
Sat July 15 // Times TBD (1hr w/cinematographer, .5hr w/composer)

Film Shoots
Mon + Tue July 17 +18 // Time TBD (4hrs per film // 10hr days)

Fri July 28 / 8PM + Sat 29 / 2Pm +8PM at BPH

**CLICK HERE for full syllabus**


Artists in Residence: Maya Soto + Nico Tower


Maya Soto (Pacific Northwest Choreographer/Dance Educator) + Nico Tower (Cuban American Queer Composer/Multidisciplinary Artist) blend dance, music and theater to create a candid, thought provoking ensemble performance. Eight contemporary dancers (ages 18-36) bring their experiences as Queer, Cis, Hispanic, African American, Asian American and first-generation womxn to the community. The Beautiful Carcass Project examines the complexities of living in a female body with a series of dance performances, open showings + community discussions, youth dance workshops and an online story sharing forum.

In response to the open disrespect of womxn’s bodies and attacks on reproductive rights in the current political climate, this work is an act of resistance and a course of healing. We reflect this work back to the wider world through live performance and community dialogue.

This project is supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

SIDF Spotlight on Seattle Series | June 13, 2017 @ Broadway Performance Hall
May 11-13 and 18-20, 2018 @ Alhadeff Studio Theater at Cornish Playhouse

Beautiful Carcass is a bewitching world where everything is on display. Hyper-glamorized imagery juxtaposed with the mundane explores a tangled web of shame, pride, humor, despair, isolation and camaraderie. The performers reflect the interplay between objectification and empowerment through strength and resiliency as they navigate an insidious desire to capture and own beauty. In a culture driven by youth, money and competition, glamour is a source of power that quickly becomes distorted. The pursuit of the beautiful body becomes relentless and internalized, an object to be squeezed, sculpted, hacked at and zipped up. Through centuries of subjugation across many cultures the female form has been revered, hoarded, cherished and abused. A dark, alluring carnival for the senses, Beautiful Carcass shines light on womxn’s issues through lenses of intersectional feminism and surrealist fantasy.

Open Showings + Community Discussions
First one: November 19 | 2-4pm @ SHIFT Movement and Healing Arts
A facilitated sharing of the work in progress and community discussion around gender, race, sexuality, and body positivity.

Mighty Chix: Free Youth Dance Workshops
In Partnership with Rainier Dance Center

Mighty Chix: A body positive movement workshop exploring self-image, relationships, assertiveness, empowerment, and solidarity among girls and womxn. We address the challenges girls face today in a fun, safe and creative environment. Through movement, theater games, writing and discussion we navigate self-image and body positivity. Activities inspire resilience, reflection and self-expression through the power of dance. 

More info at

Artist in Residence: Babette DeLafayette Pendleton

Babette has been working in 10D to build and explore a year-long physical collage series which utilizes elements of choreographed movement, large body-sculpture imagery, and installation in a durational capacity. Through a series of vignettes presented over the course of a year Babette cultivates a personal practice of sustainability, duration, and exploitation. The collage series is titled "Swimming in Air while Rooted in Water"

She has recently be playing with how women can hold, support, and destroy one another. Rehearsal footage below!

Artist in Residence: Drew Santoro

Maris and I have been working together at 10d since the beginning of 2016. For most of that time we were working on a project titled "Dancing Machines" and we took a lot of video for memory and choreographic purposes and recently we've been making short videos to share on social media that could become one larger piece. During both process there's been a lot of silly moments captured before we start dancing so I put together a little video of all of these snippets!


Artist in Residence: Salthorse

Corrie Befort and Beth Graczyk

Performance Premiere
Triskelion Arts | Sept 29 + Oct 1, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
Invited Rehearsal
10 degrees | August 30, 2016
Seattle, WA

The longstanding creative duo Corrie Befort and Beth Graczyk  (founding members of Salt Horse) are developing a new evening-length work called Rose Blue, a cycling mosaic of lived memories, extrapolated fantasies and appropriated scenes.

Drawing upon their shared history of 15 years, both as friends and artistic collaborators, B&G craft the work by pressing different memories against each other, real and imagined, past and future, generated and found. Modulated into discrete frames of time, these intense or every-day moments are seamlessly spliced together creating juxtapositions that can swing from tragic to comic in an instant.  Sound artist Jason Anderson live-mixes original recordings, Foley and layered textures to sonically illuminate the action.

Some of Befort & Graczyk’s shared memories that appear in Rose Blue include being present at the birth of friend’s child, the loss of a parent, moving to a foreign country and divorce. 

Appropriated texts and scenes from Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me and Williams/Kazan’s A Street Car Named Desire are re-imagined and embedded inside the context of Befort & Graczyk’s real memories.  The selected scenes all have a distinctive physical element wherein the communication of the body directly influences the narrative trajectory. However, it isn’t so specifically the appropriated scenes that are the focus, but rather the transitions betweenthe appropriated and the real.  For instance, the embodiment of overexposed carnal desire with a foreseeable tragic trajectory (A Street Car Named Desire) transforms into that carnal body becoming the dead parent inside a body bag, with whom the loved one sits and endlessly waits with loud sound of a faucet dripping.  

Collaborating since 2005 both within and beyond Salt Horse, Befort & Graczyk are currently in the process of re-imagining the parameters and direction of their work together.  Operating bi-coastally since Graczyk relocated to New York fall 2014, they are inventing and engaging in score-based methods that challenge, refine and build upon their prior work together.

Strictly Seattle Dance Film Track at Velocity Dance Center

Dance Film Track is Back!

Back for its third summer this three week immersion takes the dance filmmaker through every step of the process as they create their own short dance film. Participants take Advanced technique classes in the morning then work with filmmaker/choreographer KT Niehoff and professional cinematographers, a composer and editor to learn the elements of filmmaking. Each student will have the opportunity to show their short film at Velocity Dance Center's Strictly Seattle Performances. 

July 29 | 8PM
July 30 | 2PM + 8PM
Broadway Performance Hall | 1625 Broadway

Two Headed Calf at The Pocket Theater

February 18 + 25 | 7:00 PM
The Pocket Theater

"Two Headed Calf" is an original story of generosity and gentleness, told through live music, dance and shadow puppets. A feast for your ears, eyes and heart, created by a collaborative team interested in spreading good will. 

Keith White and Calie Swedberg are best friends. Keith writes nice songs. Calie holds things gently. Being kind is one of their mutual interests. Their first collaboration, Receive a Kindness, was performed in July of 2015 as a part of the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Festival. That project will continue to live as the spine of an ever-growing body of work. 

Chantael Duke
Andrew Van Kempen
Alexis Modula
Loren Othon
Jessica Jones
Lauren Brazell

This project is funded in part by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and made possible by a creative residency at 10 degrees thanks to KT Niehoff. 

Dance CHAT

FEB 16 | 5:30 - 7:30 PM

SeattleDances is excited to host Dance CHAT, a monthly event in collaboration with KT Niehoff. Dance CHAT is an informal gathering to discuss what's happening on Seattle stages. It's been a while since our last event and there's certainly been plenty of dance in between for us to talk about. We are pleased to announce Marcie Sillman of KUOW radio as our facilitator. She'll be helping kick-start the conversation and provide some context for the performances of the past few months.

We hope you'll join us for some dialogue to recap the goings-on in the Seattle dance.

This is a FREE event. 
*drinks available with donation* 

Come chat with us!

The Glimmer Showgirls Take Over 10 degrees

Rehearsals are underway for the upcoming A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light performances at ACT Theatre's Bullitt Cabaret. The performers are getting excited to play!

KT in Residence for Glimmer

KT is back in the studio at 10 degrees remounting A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light on an all new cast of dancers for this seminal work returning to ACT Theatre's Bullitt Cabaret this fall. 

 Photo: Kevin Kauer

Photo: Kevin Kauer

A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light is a dancer/theater/cabaret/glam-rock musical originally created in 2010 by choreographer/director and 10 degrees owner KT Niehoff. Co-Presented by ACT Theater and KT Niehoff with SQUID MGMT, Glimmer returns to the labyrinthine chambers of the Bullitt Cabaret as part of ACT's 50th Anniversary Season.

Inviting the audience deep into the world of Glimmer, they are welcome to watch the show from any vantage point, moving as they wish throughout the performers. Full of uncommon encounters, raucous spectacle and  virtuosic dancing, Gigi Berardi of Dance Magazine writes, "(Glimmer) is raucous, daunting thing...and unforgettable."

The cast is comprised of five core dancers, seven showgirls and a rock band led by singer/songwriter Ivory Smith. Niehoff and Smith front the band, singing original songs that borrow inspiration from Pippin, Cabaret, and Moulin Rouge. Scott Colburn composed the moody and atmospheric pre-recorded score. Glimmer's entirely new cast includes Seattle personalities Meredith Salle, Amy Clem, Patrick Kilbane and Molly Sides (lead singer for Thunderpussy) - who Smith and Niehoff will be creating new songs for - as well as artists from Vancouver, NYC, and Portland.